Stay Positive

Updated: Jan 28

Hey you,

I know it seems like everything is falling apart, but what you may not know is that God is putting it all together for you. As for myself, I just want to make the right decisions, but it’s hard, when you’re going through the motions, to know. I try my hardest to find the positive in everything. I believe that everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to happen. Whenever things are not going the way I may want it to I always take a step back and try to see what it is that God is trying to show me. Focusing on the negative does a person no good. You become what you feed into your mind.

If you find yourself having a hard day try your hardest to put your energy into what made you feel good that day and if nothing made you feel good that day focus on the things that make you feel good in general. I love the sun, the beach, flowers and greenery. Those things make me feel good and I always imagine myself being surrounded by those things. I honestly believe it’s meant for me to live on a beach or a city where it never gets cold. I love Florida. Whenever I’m there I feel great. The weather, the beach and palm trees is truly my type of scene.

For 2022 I vowed to explore my passions more. I enjoy clothes, styling people and putting pieces together. I also enjoy hair care. This year I will put a lot more of my attention into those crafts.

For anyone that feels defeated I want you to know that hard times don’t last forever, you just have to have faith and stay positive.


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